Satta Hashem

ساطع هاشم

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Satta Hashem

Born in Buhriz – Diyala, near Baghdad in 1959, Satta now lives and works in Leicester, UK.

At the age of nineteen, Hashem's exile began when he left Iraq for Algeria where he started his education as an artist. He then moved to Russia to complete his education and then to Sweden, before settling in the UK in 2000.

Satta has an MA in Fine Arts (1989), in Mural Painting and Decorative Arts, from Leningrad Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design, Leningrad, USSR.

He has had a number of solo exhibitions and participated in a large number of group exhibitions around the world.

Satta is represented in a number of collections, including drawings in The British Museum’s permanent collections, and paintings in the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia. Leicester Museum & Art Gallery. Leicester City Council, UK. Stockholm City Council, Sweden. Handelsbanken, Stockholm, Sweden, and many private collections.

 In 2010, a hall at the Adult Education College, Leicester, containing two of his mural paintings, was re-named Satta Hashem Hall.


He has executed several permanent and temporary mural paintings in public places, in Sweden and the UK

He speaks Arabic, Russian, Swedish and English.

Global Artists

My Painting Freedom number 1, which I created in 2007 and which was bought by the Leicester Museum, is now in the Global Artists Exhibition at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester

This is collaboration with the British Museum; the exhibition is on until March 2019

Five Large Drawings

Coloured Brush Ink on Paper - 2017

Each 170 cm x 70 cm